Our mission is to bring the global opportunities of cryptocurrency home to South Africa

Our mission is to bring the global opportunities of cryptocurrency home to South Africa

We give you the tools you need to exceed your investment goals

We deliver unbiased, high quality and accurate information to South African cryptocurrency investors to allow them to draw their own informed conclusions and make better trading decisions.


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We are constantly looking for how we can improve our service and help more South African cryptocurrency investors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you list prices in Rand rather than US$?2020-10-21T21:13:54+00:00

Many sites list the price of crypto in US$, and that information is easy to find.

We wanted to make our data relevant to South African investors, so they can understand the current prices without having to take fluctuating foreign exchange rates into account.

Which cryptocurrency should I buy?2020-10-21T21:12:35+00:00

We don’t and can’t provide financial advice. However, CoinData strives to provide accurate, timely, and unbiased data for cryptoassets.

Our view is that we should always over-provide data and let our users draw their own conclusions. We actively listen to feedback/requests from our users to enrich the quality of the data on our website.

What is “Market Capitalisation” and how is it calculated?2020-10-21T21:11:53+00:00

Market Capitalisation is one way to rank the relative size of a cryptocurrency. It’s calculated by multiplying the Price by the Circulating Supply.

Market Cap = Price X Circulating Supply.

How do I purchase cryptocurrency?2020-10-21T21:11:27+00:00

CoinData reports on the trading activities of thousands of exchanges but does not directly sell any cryptocurrency. The best way to find where to buy is by looking on the exchanges section for the cryptocurrency.

For example, to find where to buy Bitcoin, you can look at the ‘Exchange’ section for Bitcoin.

At what time is the 24 hour % change based?2020-10-21T21:10:05+00:00

It’s based on the current time – it’s a rolling 24 hour period.

Why are only some cryptocurrencies listed?2020-10-21T21:09:34+00:00

While we try to add every single cryptocurrency, it’s very difficult to list everything. Listing cryptocurrencies is largely a manual process that takes time and resources to ensure the accuracy of our data.

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